Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness and Strategy Certification

Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness and Strategy Certification

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This Certification provides evidence of a learner’s capability to:

  • Describe what human trafficking is, who is affected by it, and why.
  • Responsibly recognize and report human trafficking.
  • Describe what an effective community-wide strategy looks like to end human trafficking.
  • Define and apply the individual’s own unique opportunities and role to engage these issues.

It is awarded for demonstrated achievement of earning the following three badges, earned through the corresponding courses in the Justice U™ Learn How to End Human Trafficking Series*:

  1. Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness Badge
  2. Justice U Strategy to End Human Trafficking Badge
  3. Justice U My Role to End Human Trafficking Badge

To see each individual badge’s learning requirements, click or tap the badge titles above.

How to share your digital credential:

Once you have earned this credential, simply follow the instructions you receive by email from Justice U via Credly. (These instructions are sent to the same email address you use for your Justice U account.) Once you have logged in to Credly and accepted this credential, you will also find sharing instructions, which include options for LinkedIn, a PDF download, and sharing to other social media accounts.

Note: If this page shows you have earned this achievement, but you have not received an email, try going directly to Credly to view, accept, and share your credential. Create a new account with Credly if it's your first time using Credly.

Visit the Justice U organization page on Credly to view all available microbadges, badges, and certifications.

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1 Required Steps

  • Earn all three (3) required badges in the Justice U Engage Together Series