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Expedite Technology Solutions

For Excellence in Technical Support of Justice U
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members such as Expedite work together and contribute their unique skills and resources in the fight to end human trafficking.
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IU Center for the Study of Global Change

For Collaboration on Student Experiential Learning Scholarship Programs.
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Scholarship Program Leaders and Participants:

  • Dr. Hilary Kahn, Director, Center for the Study of Global Change
  • Eli Konwest, Assistant Director, Center for the Study of Global Change
  • Teresa Nichols, Program Manager, Center for the Study of Global Change

  • Dr. Deb Getz, Clinical Assistant Professor, IU School of Public Health
  • Candace Buggs, Doctoral candidate with IU School of Education–Instructional Systems Technology

  • Parama B.
  • Joanna C.
  • Tapati D.
  • Sarah H.
  • Aronne M.
  • Rajagopal S.
  • Ellen S.
  • Jessi S.
  • Alexis W.

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Jane J.

Vanessa C.

Laurita S.

Michelle D.

Sheila M.

Thank you for working with us toEnd human trafficking and protect the vulnerable