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Question:What can you possibly do in just one hour?

Answer:Learn how to identify signs of human trafficking—and what you can do!

In the Justice U free course, Human Trafficking Awareness, you’ll learn how to spot the signs as you go about your day—at the store, or airport, dropping your kids at school or just crossing a street.

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“I really want to make a difference in the world, but I’m also very involved in many areas. I can’t add a big time commitment to my schedule. Justice U’s 60-minute course made me realize that there is so much I can do to support anti-trafficking efforts by being aware of the signs. I am recommending that all my friends, family and colleagues take just 60 minutes out their day— everyone should take this course.

Mary Ann C - Florida

“After taking Justice U’s course for its 1 Million Every Day Heroes Challenge, now I realize that there are many things I can pay attention to when on the road travelling for business. I know that if I can be aware of the signs that I can do something about it.”

Donna R. – North Carolina

“I knew someone that had been affected by human trafficking so I took 60 minutes out of my day to gain the knowledge to make sure if I spot the signs of trafficking, I know what to do. I’m behind Justice U’s campaign to create 1 Million Every Day Heroes.”

Celina S. – California

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Human trafficking seems so complex and I thought there was really nothing I could do as one person. But the Justice U course taught me that everyone can pay attention to their surroundings for the signs of trafficking and know how to report it. I’m proud to be an Every Day Hero!

Michelle J - Arizona

Helps us reach our1 Million Every Day Heroes Goal

You can spot human trafficking. Together we can stop it.

Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness Course

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