Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness Badge

Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness Badge

Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness Badge

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For demonstrated awareness on the core issues surrounding human trafficking.

To earn this badge, the learner must complete the course final exam in the Justice U™ course, Human Trafficking Awareness with a score of 80% or higher. The exam has 25 questions based on the course learning objectives. Learners are allowed 3 attempts total.

This course and final exam addresses the following learning objectives:

  • Define human trafficking.​
  • Distinguish common myths from facts.
  • Identify vulnerable populations and risk factors.​
  • Define key factors that are behind trafficking behaviors.
  • Recognize red flags that may indicate suspicious activity.
  • Describe how to report suspected human trafficking.
  • Describe the challenges that arise when working to end human trafficking
  • Recognize the role of key organizations and agencies.​
  • Compare and contrast local and global issues.

How to share your digital credential:

Once you have earned this credential, simply follow the instructions you receive by email from Justice U via Credly. (These instructions are sent to the same email address you use for your Justice U account.) Once you have logged in to Credly and accepted this credential, you will also find sharing instructions, which include options for LinkedIn, a PDF download, and sharing to other social media accounts.

Note: If this page shows you have earned this achievement, but you have not received an email, try going directly to Credly to view, accept, and share your credential. Create a new account with Credly if it's your first time using Credly.

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1 Required Steps

  • Complete the Human Trafficking Awareness course Final Exam with a score of 80% or higher