Business for Good Advocate Badge (AFRJ & Justice U)

Business for Good Advocate Badge (AFRJ & Justice U)

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Earners of this badge have demonstrated their ability to effectively advocate for progress toward ending human trafficking, and have developed a thorough understanding of how the business community is uniquely positioned to come alongside government and community efforts to make an impact.  Earners of this badge are part of a cohort of peers dedicated to this cause and receive one-on-one support from an AFRJ Business for Good Coach.


Earn the Human Trafficking Awareness & Strategy Certification.

Review the Action Plan you created in third course of the Learn How to End Human Trafficking Series with an AFRJ Business for Good Coach and determine your next best steps.

With your Coach, develop and review an actionable plan for how your business can make a quantifiable impact in your local community, industry, or beyond to end and prevent trafficking.